Modern-day’s Answer to the Candle Stick

The gentle glow of a candle is an atmosphere creating and welcoming light source, that can be difficult to accurately replicate digitally. However, the team at Nottdesign have captured its warmth through an emotion-evoking user experience.

The Ether Light consists of nine 5W lights that replicate the candles, and a simplistic, circular base that stands in position of the candlestick. By adding and removing the ‘candles’, the intensity of the light can be subtly adjusted in the most candle-like manner. The lights are fed power through induction; this, combined with the illumination being controlled by adding and removing the candles, means that there is a complete absence of any buttons, enhancing the experience.

This is certainly a light that holds the power to be able to elegantly create a beautiful ambiance within a room, while simultaneously being a product that calls for interaction from the user.

Designer: Serhii Hotvianskyi of Nottdesign