Gillette lets you 3D print custom razor handles for a more personal experience

You could say that Gillette’s practically perfected the shaving experience, with its state-of-the-art blades, housings, mechanisms, and lubrications, a Gillette razor is a sheer feat of engineering, designed to provide a near-perfect grooming experience. Gillette now wants to conquer the next frontier… personalizing this grooming experience.

Partnering with Formlabs, Gillette introduces the Razor Maker, a tool to personalize your razor with a bespoke handle that’s chosen by you, and specially SLA 3D-Printed for you. You can choose from as many as 48 different form-based designs, even decorating them with images for a razor that’s unique to you. The handle designs come compatible with Gillette’s MACH3 or Fusion5 ProGlide razors, and the final product, once designed by you, ships to your doorstep! I call dibbs on the water-swirl one, although I know it probably isn’t going to be particularly ergonomic to grip.

Designers: Gillette & Formlabs.