The World’s First Complete Smartphone Video Kit!

While the cameras that are found in our smartphones are ever-advancing, there are still downfalls that restrict their video-taking capabilities; weak audio and poor lighting lead to undesirable videos that don’t accurately capture the moment. This is where the SmartCine steps in!

The SmartCine is an all-in-one video rig that’s fit for use with any smartphone! The compact rig is packed full of video enhancing features; the silky-smooth HD Stereo Mic take cares of the audio side of things, this is positioned right above the Lens Mount, which offers the option of using both wide-angle and fish-eye lenses, each mount securely to SmartCine’s body. Low-light situations are handled faultlessly using the 36 ultra-bright, brilliant white LEDs that are positioned around the camera lens. No more dark and underwhelming videos!

All of this has been packed into a device that’s both comfortable to use, thanks to the rubberized grip, and compact enough to forget you even have it with you. SmartCine will help you can take your video production to the next level!

Designer: MOVO

Click here to Buy Now: $70 $129 (46% off).


An all-in-one video rig for any smartphone. A pro stereo microphone, LED light ring and set of wide-angle lenses in one compact package.





Click here to Buy Now: $70 $129 (46% off).