The single-person-operated stretcher promises faster rescue times


The Just One is fundamentally simple. A cross between a stretcher and a wheelchair, it allows patients to be taken from one place to another not by two, but by just one person. The stretcher’s horizontal design gets ditched for something that’s more like a recliner, and the patient gets strapped in place too. Carried around like a hand-pulled rickshaw, a medical assistant pulls the stretcher from the front, with wheels at the back replacing the need to have a second human carrier. The patient lies in place, bound by harnesses, and can easily be transported to medical zones with just one assistant. That being said, the Just One stretched comes with handles at both ends, allowing it to be used as a conventional stretcher too!

The Just One Stretcher is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Design: Qi Qiu, Xin Guo & Ning Wang.