A Hairdryer That’s Inspired by Bamboo


In the past here at YD, we have covered designer’s multiple solutions to the ever-frustrating issue that is storing hairdryers! Their bulky shape leads them to being averse to neatly fitting in draws, therefore they are left haphazardly on the side, cluttering the room and interrupting a clean aesthetic. But fear no more, there is now another solution!

Inspired by the naturally-simple form of a Bamboo shoot, the thin, cylindrical body is far different than that found on a conventional hair dryer. A twisting action transforms the cylinder into a form that is instantly distinguishable as a hairdryer. The device is then transformed back into a cylinder when not in use! Its narrow profile makes it a draw-friendly product, while its visually interesting design leads to it being a product that is almost asking to be displayed… what you do with it is up for you to decide!

Designer: Bo Gyeon Kim