A Hotel Room on Wheels

A winner of the 2018 Radical Innovation Award, the Autonomous Travel Suite reimagines the way users commute and adventure! The design packs many of the creature comforts of home into one sleek unit.

More like a hotel room on wheels than an RV, the ATS is entirely autonomous and works as part of a larger Autonomous Hotel Chain. To access the chain and a personal unit, one must simple input their destinations into the online system. An ATS will be deployed when you need it to ensure you get where you’re going on time and in absolute comfort. Once on board, users will find areas to sleep, lounge, wash, work, eat, and store their belongings… all while taking in the sights from panoramic windows.

Designer: Aprilli Design Studio



The Autonomous Travel Suite communicates through a central platform called Autonomous Interface, which controls various operations and services in between Travel Suites and Hotel Facilities using advanced technology. Travelers can easily enter multiple destinations and necessary services through an online app. and the Autonomous Travel Suite will be automatically delivered to the travelers front door. The Autonomous Interface will then analyze the best routes and communicate with nearby facilities to arrange requested services along the way. It will automatically control indoor environments and check with your vehicle’s status to make sure everything is in best condition along the trip.


The travel suites are operated by the Autonomous Hotel Chain, which is a network of hotel facilities offering stationary parent units and public amenities which can be added individually depending on the travelers need. It provides public amenities such as Food and Beverage, meeting rooms, spa- pool & gym along with housekeeping, maintenance & charging services for the travel suites. Each facility can be booked individually, meaning travelers can use any nearby Autonomous Hotel facilities such as gym, pool or meeting rooms as much as they need during the travel. The Autonomous Hotel also has unmanned service vehicles which can be dispatched to nearby Travel Suites, providing fresh batteries or room services. The Autonomous Hotels offer parent units where individual Travel Suites can dock into, forming upscale integrated units.









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