Normann Copenhagen Woofy – Cable Container by Gabriel Nigro

He’s cute, smart and doesn’t bite – normann copenhagen presents you their newest collection your new friend Woofy. Woofy is a cable container dog with many good qualities, designed by Gabriel Nigro. Woofy is your new friend and a personalized way to conceal cables. The story of Woofy is one of experiences, of pleasure and love of design. WoofyaTs Dad is Gabriel Nigro and the idea for Woofy came about during a visit to one of GabrielaTs friends, who happened to have cables lying around all over his flat. On the way home, Gabriel began drawing, and by the time he was finished Woofy was born.

Woofy never needs to be walked, fed or trained. His fur is smooth and he doesn’t cause allergies or wet the floor. Woofy can conceal your cables in his tummy and he will always be there when you need him.

Woofy will be sold in stores and online from the end of august 2007.

Designer: Gabriel Nigro [ Buy It Here ]