The Bruno works as a toaster, a barbecue grill, and also a table oven!


Arguably an iPhone moment for toasters, the Bruno isn’t three separate appliances, but rather a 3-in-1. Looking nothing like a toaster, or an oven, and probably a little like a grill, the Bruno replaces three appliances with one, and adds a splash of vibrancy and color while doing so.

The Bruno comes as a clamshell appliance with a lid that hinges back when you open it. With heating coils on the base as well as the lid, you can use the Bruno just like an oven (except this opens differently) by even choosing which heating plate you want to activate. A grill plate sits at the middle, holding your meats or vegetables on it as you grill them just like you would on a barbecue grill. Open the lid, fire the lower coil, and you’ve got yourself an impromptu grill that works well with all sorts of food. Close the lid and activate both heating coils and you’ve got a toaster that toasts breads kept horizontally! The Bruno also comes with a removable crumb-tray that makes it easy to keep your 3-in-1 appliance in tip top shape. Choose between a classic white or a snazzy red to spice up your kitchen!

Designer: Bruno

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