The Cooking M3 lets you cook individual parts of a full meal together


Built with multi-unit cooking control, the Cooking M3 lets you prepare entire meals at once. Its innovative 3-compartment structure allows you to cook separate dishes (two small accompaniments and a main dish) at the same time in one single unit, allowing you to look at the bigger picture of preparing a full meal in one appliance, rather than individually cooking different elements.

The three compartments come with their own induction-ready containers (like in a rice cooker) that can be placed into the M3. The M3 uses induction technology to heat the food and even contains a steamer unit that lets you prepare rice or steam-cook vegetables (I imagine with a little practice, you could use it as a sous-vide machine too. Armed with voice control, the Cooking M3 lets you talk to it, passing down instructions to start or end a cook, or even heat up your food minutes before eating!

The Cooking M3 is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Designers: Xiao Zhihua, Gao Junwu, Li Lei & Xu Qinqin.