Timezones and Ticketime

Ticketime is a boarding card and a wristwatch all in one. The fringe of the ticket is made of electronic paper that could be torn off and worn as a wristwatch during the period of your travel. Before your departure, the airline company would preset the watch to the time zone of your destination. It is returned to the airline counter during your check-in upon your return flight, whilst still serving the purpose of a flight ticket.

Designer: Jacky Wu, Neo Chen & Eric Liu


  • igreenspot says:

    isn’t this the design that won red dot award 2007 ?

  • Kevin says:

    Funny, my watch still works just fine, though it would be fun to pay more for airline tickets.

  • jin woo han says:

    So many bracelet form concept was showned~ but when can I see the real product!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Someone know the place to buy this!!!?!?! I want one! 🙂

  • eric says:

    very cool. too expensive.

  • Mark says:

    I really like the concept. I can’t help but think this idea could be used without the watch aspect, as a ticket or an invite. The cost would be minimal too.

    I know domes would not be as nice as the magnets to secure it, but possibly more secure, and I would like to see how the magnets would effect credit cards etc too.

    Very cool though, I know it’s easy to just nitpick, but overall I think it’s a great idea, well done.

  • gx3 says:

    the ticket can be reused right? since at the end of the flight you are going to return back?? cool design!

  • Tony says:

    the ticket can be reused so the price for the ticket shouldnt be that much more expensive, i think its a great design, i wouldnt need it tho since i have a watch and a cellphone but a great design non the less

    • Mark says:

      It says it is returned, but it doesn’t say it is reused.

      • Ana says:

        I’m sure its implied otherwise they wouldn’t mention returning it

        • Mark says:

          So it’s reattached to the other part of the ticket that get torn off? I see this working better as something that is used once, maybe it turns into a standard watch after you leave the airport.

          I would probably prefer a system that makes you own cellphone a ticket, less waste.

          • Ana says:

            Air New Zealand already has systems in place where cellphones are used as a ticket…

            ePass uses a small RFID tag that you attach to your cellphone that holds your info which is scanned when you’re checking in


            mPass is J2ME application that runs on most modern mobile phones where you can download a 2D barcode with your flight info onto your mobile which is scanned when you check in

            smart stuff

  • J. Amado says:

    i love the idea

  • Lumumba says:

    Banana Airlines ftw 🙂

  • Lumumba says:

    Banana Airlines ftw 🙂

  • socalsurfer92122 says:

    cool idea but this would never be practical b/c you cant print this from home

  • socalsurfer92122 says:

    cool idea but this would never be practical b/c you cant print this from home

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