An Umbrella for Your Umbrella

The average umbrella might be useful for keeping YOU dry, but keep your FLOORS dry is a whole ‘nother story. Designed with this in mind, the Drip Tip is a simplistic yet highly useful tool you can add on to any umbrella to keep less rain water from reaching your floors after you’ve come in from the rain.

Made from flexible rubber, the design can adapt to the top end of just about any umbrella. Once secured, users can close their umbrella and turn it upside down as they normally would, using the Drip Tip is a tactile rubber stopper to prevent sliding and simultaneously collecting any loose rain drops that mights slide down the neck. Shaped like an umbrella itself, it’s like an umbrella for your umbrella (and floors!).

Designers: Ohad Chiya & Nadav Hirsh of Pakzu Design Studio

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