Seeing an End to The Throwaway Mentality


With the younger generation now being raised in a world that revolves around technology, it’s only natural for our unacceptable “throwaway” mentality to be passed on to them. This is something that the team at Kano are keen to see a stop to, and this is evident through their range of thought-provoking products.

Modularity isn’t commonly seen within the tech industry so much anymore, when a component breaks, the entire product is perceived to be ‘broken’, this of course makes it a primary contributor to our throw-it-away society.

Kano’s initial foray into the technology market was with their Computer Kit, that was designed to be as fun to use as Lego while providing the user with a basic knowledge of how their computers work. Since then has seen the release of the Pixel Kit for an introduction into coding, soon followed by a Motion Sensor Kit. All of this has been in an attempt to alter the expectations that children have from their tech in the future.

Designers: Bruno Schillinger & Kano Computing

Computer Kit

Computer Kit Complete

Pixel Kit

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit