A Fish Friendly Straw!


Plastic straws take a staggering 500 years to fully decompose, which is a lot for saying they are only used for around ten minutes at a time! But arguably something that is far worse than them ending their life on a landfill, is the fact that many find their way into our oceans and become a significant risk to our fishy friends and their sea-dwelling companions!

A solution for this is of course to use reusable straws, but unfortunately a lot of people are put off these due to their fiddly cleaning process; this is the issue that designers Chu Hiu Ching and Cheung Wa identified, and their solution came in the form of the rather ingenious Icicle Straw.

Icicle can be split into two separate parts when it comes to cleaning time; the extrusions in the metal body allow the user to easily slide the two parts apart and clean inside, without the need for cleaning tools!! And when it’s time to enjoy another beverage, simply snap the two back together!

The Icicle is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designers: Chu Hiu Ching & Cheung Wa