What Do FIFA Referees Lack? Third Eye

It only takes a stinky fish to dirty the entire pond, and this year FIFA has 2 fishes tainting their image. To rub salt over our wounds Sepp Blatter apologizes but still says FIFA has reservations over incorporating technology into the sport. I have only two words for him: England and Mexico! Even a money-spinning sport like cricket has adopted the third umpire into the game, because we are only HUMANS! FIFA too needs a “Referee Third Eye”.

Andy explains:

I believe that the proper way out would be to use an additional referee who shall be monitored game on the screen. And after browsing through Bluetooth make a decision by the watch
“Referee Third Eye “. Accordingly, in a situation where for example it was offside, the video referee on the watch flashed to red light and the chief arbiter at once to make objective decisions. (See the situations in the picture).

“Referee Third Eye” – best decision.

Designer: Andy Kurovets

Referee Third Eye Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets