Anxiety Vs. Aesthetics


When I’m putting together my own place, I have a few rules I tend to stick by, and one of those is to avoid any furniture designs or placements that might cause anxiety. For instance, I don’t hang any artwork above my bed because I believe it causes subconscious fear that it might fall during sleep (call me crazy, but I do live in an earthquake prone area!). Another example is no glass coffee tables because I like to avoid the stress of slamming anything down too hard or, heaven forbid, taking a tumble and falling into it. Whether you find these to be irrational fears or not, my point is… the Suction Stool by XYZ architecture probably wouldn’t make it into my collection!

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not good or even great. It’s certainly hard not to appreciate the design for its unique construction which utilizes levered suction cups that grip on to a thick glass plate. That, combined with a robust stainless steel frame make it mighty sturdy, I’m sure. You’d just better be braver than I if you’re going to keep one at home!

Designer: XYZ Integrated Architecture