A Virtual Music Studio in Your Ear

Designed for amateur and professional musicians alike, the Amper in-ear monitor offers up an entirely new (and independent!) way to adjust instrument levels without assistance from an audio engineer. The control is transferred to the musician by way of a gesture-based touchscreen that can be operated during performances or simply during rehearsal.

With its intuitive touchscreen interface, it also makes it possible to record, edit, and replay clips and tracks with a simple touch or movement of the hand. Directly integrated to the earpiece, it’s only slightly larger than traditional monitors and features a cool, glowing graphic that can be set to represent instruments or other settings. Aside from this awesome user interface, the design does a great deal to help musicians protect their hearing by making an adjustment that much easier.

Designer: Pedro Villar





Amper uses only one driver, since the effectiveness of adding more has not been proven to be worth the cost. Also the cost of manufacturing the OLED display would decrease as both the technology advances and with the quantity of products manufactured. Based on that data the estimated price of an Amper system would range from $200 to $275.