3D-Printed Prosthetic Masterpieces

Who says prosthetics have to be so plain and prosaic? This modern leg cover is a 3D-printed masterpiece that is arguably even cooler looking than your real leg! Its refined shape expresses the natural musculature of the human form so it looks more familiar and therefore less obvious. Held together by high-strength magnets, users can effortlessly and quickly remove and replace the unit to clean or simply to match their fashion from day to day!

Designer: Tomas Vacek







  • Julius says:

    Losing a leg never looked so enticing.

  • Roth says:

    Dear Sir

    Is it possible to order these prostheses cover for our clients in Switzerland ?
    What’s the price?

    Beste Regards

    Prothesist/Orthosist CPO

  • Slugsie says:

    OK, I’m actually, genuinely, surprised.

    A design idea posted on Yanko that isn’t utter bullshit. This is actually a good idea. It’s also actually being done by lots of people in lots of places.

    But let’s not worry about that. Let’s applaud Yanko for posting something that is actually good. Keep it up and who knows, I might start coming her for the good ideas rather than for a laugh at the truly dreadful ones.

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