Oooh La La! An Ever-Changing Smartphone


In a world full of copycats and phone designs that are dictated for us, the ATOM smartphone provides a bespoke vibe that will make everybody feel their phone is truly their own. Aside from having cool features like dual rear-facing cameras, an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and frosted 3D slumped glass, it sports a never-before-seen aesthetic feature in the form of thermochromic paint. It reacts to the user and environment’s unique temperatures, changing colors as the surface warms and cools. Not only are no two phones exactly alike… but one phone is not the same from one second to the next! While we’re still holding out for a smartphone that’s indestructible (which is about the only quality anyone really needs at this point), we’re not mad about the way this one looks!

Designer: Nick von Bargen


Thermochromic paint responds to both the user’s touch and heat.