Hacks on the Radio

How do you feel about participating in the manufacture of your next product purchase? Polish duo Maria Makowska & Piotr Stolarski from Gogo design have created the Log Radio and Clock from single lengths of raw pinewood with the intention of involving the user in the production process. When purchased, the lucky owner gets tossed a hand saw to hack their item from the log, creating a personal touch to the finished product. Pray that the person before you can cut straight!

Designer: Maria Makowska & Piotr Stolarski


  • Lamah says:

    Interesting concept!

  • marc schömann says:

    supercool! that is really simple and great design.

  • Carl says:

    For this to work you would have to offer health and safety training to each buyer. If you didnt and they injured themselves they would have every right to take legal action again you. This is a huge liability for the manufacturer. Sounds crazy but in this day and age it is very much a reality. However if they purchased the item in good faith then ‘customised’ it at home, this would be fine.

  • zippyflounder says:

    somebody should teach the pretty girl how to use sawhorses and saws. The item your removing should be cantiliverd off of one or the other of the sawhorses.

  • Joseph Riehl says:

    Looks like its too short to be doing that 😉 but it would be too bad when it fell on the ground and broke the hands of the clock 🙁

  • mx says:

    cool idea!
    although i hope this is something that you have to cut a piece off by yourself from time to time, not like a radio or clock that you only got to do it once in the store.

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