Bass. Reinvented.

While compact speakers make for great travel companions, there is no escaping the fact that they are often lacking one significant quality… bass. The absence of this low-quality bass deters from the listening experience as the lackluster performance doesn’t do the music any justice. However, the team over at Sodapop have proven that, with a bit of clever design, achieving high-quality bass doesn’t have to lead to the size of the device being compromised!

Sodapop delivers a low-cost and fun experience that is rich in bass thanks to its truly unique design; the compact speaker can be attached to either its bottle-shaped carry case or any empty plastic drinks bottle, this triples the physical volume of Sodapop, and allows it to push 10dB louder sound… to you and me that’s approximately twice as loud.

Packed inside this playful device is a lithium-ion battery that gives up to 30 hours of bass-full playback, is this the perfect compact speaker?!

Designer: Permafrost Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $53.00 $69.00 (25% off).


The Sodapop invention connects the speaker to its own carrying case or any other suitable plastic bottle. This offers a compact portable wireless speaker that provide you with louder music, twice as much bass and an overall superior sound.

The custom made bass bottle doubles as a protective carrying case for the speaker unit. Even so, the threaded interface that fastens the bottle is compatible with most regular plastic beverage bottles just about anywhere in the world. This makes the Sodapop speaker the perfect travelling companion: You can find a suitable bottle everywhere; in your hotel room, the local store, at the beach etc.

By utilizing the characteristics of the bottle material and the air inside the bottle, the Sodapop speaker can increase the sound volume in the bass range by as much as 10dB.

To the human ear a 10dB increase will sound approximately twice as loud, so in other words the Sodapop speaker can generate twice as much bass, just by connecting an ordinary soda bottle. The effect is striking once the bottle is attached.







Click here to Buy Now: $53.00 $69.00 (25% off)