Basic is the new sexy


Strip a phone down of all its additional fluff and you’re left with a phone’s bare essentials. A display, and a control panel. That’s all you need, actually. You’ll be surprised how easy it would be to get a hang of things.

The Luna Phone would make a really good burner phone. With its unusually pretty screen and the simple capacitive touch panel at the bottom, it truly takes minimalist design to another level. The absence of a camera and a high definition LCD really allows the phone to become super slim. The touch-pad is pretty intuitive but would take a bit of getting used to, after the widespread use of smartphones with more definitive displays.

Designed to look classy even with its basic, lower-end hardware, this could be your perfect backup phone. Not to mention, the battery backup on this would run for weeks, given its minimal build. Now who wouldn’t want that!

Designer: Jorge Arbelo Cabrera