Cool Down and Charge Up!


When executed perfectly and having been designed with extremely careful consideration, a product that solves multiple problems can be an exceptionally useful and versatile bit of kit! CirXquare certainly falls into the category!

This innovative hybrid device allows the user to always have both a portable fan and power bank with them wherever they go… this would be particularly useful considering the warmer weather a lot of us have been battling recently! The fan is located within the off-center circle at the top of the device; this asymmetry brings an element of visual interest and suspense to the product, which isn’t present on many portable fans!

As you would assume, the power bank is neatly concealed within the oversized handle, with the ports being located on the underside of the module so they are out of sight while remaining accessible.

And as an added ‘bonus feature’, the flat base allows CirXquare to take the place of your conventional desktop fan, elevating its immense usability further!

Designer: Kiia Huang