Telecare Should Never Be Hidden


Telecare can quickly become a significant aspect of an individual’s life, as this extra layer of assistance could allow them to keep their independence and prevent them from having to reside in a care home. It also provides a welcomed element of peace-of-mind for family members and carers, knowing that in the unfortunate event of an emergency, they will have easy access to the appropriate service.

CareDot has been designed to make telecare even more accessible! The large disc features a single, oversized button that has been recessed into the center of the body, so to avoid any accidental alerts. The large, wooden button has been designed to be customizable and interchangeable, this allows the user to select an appropriate symbol for the intended scenario.

The finish of the product is an area of the design that has been carefully considered; the fabric cover and wooden accents ensure that CareDot will complement the existing furniture within the room beautifully, making it right at home in the domestic environment.

Designer: Siri Roo








Most user manuals are misplaced or lost so Siri Roo designed a slot where the manual can be kept and will be there when you need it. This slot can be used to store a note or medical ID.


CareDot can be placed on table, wall mounted and on the stand which retains the benefit of wall mount but also allows it to be placed on a flat surface. This flexibility and customisability make CareDot not only great for home but also public space such as school, hotel or office.