Rustic Cooking Gets a Modern Redesign!

The cast iron skillet is probably one of cooking’s most essential tools. It imparts a certain flavor to the food, often enriching it with iron too (which is incredibly good for you), and the metal itself has certain properties that helps cook foods like steaks and pizzas faster and better. The cast iron skillet has been around for centuries, and frankly put, looks centuries old too.

Since most cooks focus on its cooking benefits, the skillet hasn’t really seen a redesign. Its shape has become almost an icon, and Strand Design is here to modernize it, making a cast iron skillet that’s fit for the 21st century. Titled Ironwood, the skillet gets a sleek makeover, and even comes with a wooden spatula that fits perfectly on the top of its handle, as well as a wooden trivet, allowing you to place the hot skillet on tables.

Ironwood takes the age-old skillet design and introduces modern details. Made from thinner walls, the Ironwood looks less clunky and more contemporary, with a lighter + sleeker build. The cooking surface is machine-finished and comes pre-seasoned with a polymerized cottonseed oil coating, giving it a natural, non-stick surface. A longer, sleeker handle gives you a better grip, allowing you to hold the skillet farther from the heat—or with two hands if you prefer—thanks to its curved, easy-to-grip design. Ironwood’s accessories come crafted from solid, unfinished beech wood that works well under high temperatures and even develops a patina over time, giving your cookware a personalized touch.

Crafted from a high-carbon alloy, the Ironwood skillet heats up uniformly and faster too, allowing for a much more efficient cooking experience. Adding a modern touch, not just with design but also with material, to the century-old skillet, Ironwood wants to further the healthy tradition of cooking on iron surfaces… but believes that age-old traditions don’t need to look age-old!

Designer: Ted Burdett of Strand Design

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The Ironwood Skillet by Strand Design is a modern, high-performance, cast iron cookware. It is thinner and lighter than most, machined smooth, pre-seasoned, and features a longer handle for a two-handed grip.


Ironwood Skillet was designed with the home chef in mind. Strand Design knows that you love to entertain and that you want every meal that you create for your friends and family to look as delicious as it tastes. That is why Ironwood cookware is designed to transfer seamlessly from the stove to table.


Each skillet comes with its own solid wood trivet and serving spoon, making it the perfect centerpiece. The trivet and skillet nest with one another for stability and heat protection, and the wooden serving spoon nestles into the form of the skillet handle.


While ironware can be expected to last for centuries, there is no reason that it should be constrained to a centuries-old aesthetic. The Ironwood mission is to create beautiful cookware for the modern home that is designed for both performance, and presentation.


The goal is to help home chefs make beautiful food at home. Strand Design believe that cookware can be serveware, and that the ability to bring a meal directly from the kitchen to the table helps everyone enjoy the process of a home-cooked meal a little bit more.


Smooth, light, comfortable. Making thin iron castings is not easy. Strand Design went on a global sourcing mission to find a manufacturing partner with the equipment and expertise to produce the smooth, thin castings they were after. Ironwood is produced on high-precision, automated machinery in a foundry that is dedicated to making only cookware.

Seasoning (the polymerized cooking-oil coating that makes cast iron non-stick) works better when applied to flat, semi-smooth surfaces. They machine the cooking surface of Ironwood pans to create a flat area with enough texture to bond with our cottonseed oil seasoning.


Their wooden accessories are made from solid unfinished beech wood and will develop a beautiful patina over time. The skillet’s heat ring fits into a grove on the top of the trivet for stability and the spoon nestles into the base of the handle.


Most cast iron pans have very short handles. Strand Design decided to buck tradition and make our handle a bit longer to facilitate a two-handed grip. This makes handling the pan far easier, especially for chefs with petite hands.

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