The Bicycle for your Beast-mode

In spite of how similar bikes are to bicycles, the enthusiasts don’t always overlap. Motorbike lovers may or may not be cycling enthusiasts, and vice-versa. However, when technology takes over, the lines begin blurring. The SpeedX Unicorn is what you get when bicycle design meets state of the art tech. Touted as the world’s first smart-bike, the SpeedX Unicorn aims at being a better bike that isn’t just raw power and efficiency, it’s well connected too.

“Touted as the world’s first smart-bike”… The Unicorn actually comes with an inbuilt cycling computer nicknamed the Speedforce. This device runs Android and provides you with your cycling stats in real-time. The beauty of the Speedforce is its integrated design and the fact that all cables travel through the hollow carbon-fiber frame, giving your bike computing power along with a clean aesthetic that isn’t ruined by cables and wires hanging outside. The Speedforce is as rugged as the Unicorn itself. It comes with a 2.2inch touchscreen that lies under thickened glass. The screen, powered by the rear-mounted Powermeter and activated by a stealthily hidden button under your handlebar displays everything from time, cadence, speed, GPS, weather to even personal data like heart-rate, calorie burner, etc. The Speedforce even connects wirelessly to your phone, capturing all the data in SpeedX’s native app, giving you a full-scale record of all your ride-details.

The Unicorn’s frame is crafted out of carbon fiber, making it resilient and light-weight. A first-of-its-kind Vibration Control System negates all bumps on your road, and along with its Hydraulic Disc Brakes, the Unicorn can dominate virtually any type of road. The Vibration Control System is a design feature integrated into the frame, and to be honest, it looks absolutely insane! Check out the GIF here to see the way the Carbon Fiber frame doubles up as a shock absorbing mechanism! If that GIF worries you, here’s the amazing thing about Carbon Fiber. Its strength to weight ratio is so insane that SpeedX puts a lifetime guarantee on all its Bike frames. If anything EVER happens to the Carbon Fiber, you can get yourself a brand new frame fitted on your bike for free!

Designer: SpeedX Design

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