CAMP with Alpha Rex off-roading electric SUV at heart is the ultimate campsite we’d want

California-based electric vehicle start-up Alpha Motor Corporation has (since its inception in 2020) showcased a slew of slick-looking renders for the world crowded with adventure seekers. The latest addition is an integrated setup for the Overlanding and camping experience the company calls Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform (CAMP).

The setup you see appears incredibly devised for the outdoorsy and many wouldn’t think twice before divulging their interest in it. But if you’re an inquisitive one; you will take heart in the fact that the CAMP setup is based on the company’s highly modified version of the Alpha Rex off-roading vehicle, which has a teardrop trailer in tow to facilitate a home-like experience in the great outdoors.

Designer: Alpha Motor Corporation

The retro-futuristic site in itself; the CAMP is a modified setup for a complete motorhome experience. The back of the SUV has been removed to create space for a triangular bed bar. The Rex’s roof has a carrier while the teardrop has a pop-up rooftop tent. The Rex itself is powered by a dual-motor powertrain, and has a range of up to 275 miles.

The off-roader’s capability as a camper is diversified by the various features provided along with. Some of these viable ones include the grille set, a foldable camping dining set, and a yurt with textile walls matching the rooftop tent which houses a king-size platform bed. CAMP setup for now is a special collaborative project, available only in rentals. Alpha Motors Corporation has no intentions of marketing the perfected version of this computer-generated vision of an effective, all-in-one campsite.