Sleek, metallic Bluetooth speaker concept can match your minimalist aesthetic

There are already a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market but there’s still a lot of room for new designs and innovations. We see a lot of concepts and renders for different kinds of speakers that we sometimes wish would become actual products that we can purchase and add to our spaces to play our favorite music, podcasts or audio books. If you’re looking for a sleek kind of speaker that you’d be proud to show off on your table, wall, or shelf, this concept for Italian brand Alessi will be something to add to your wishlist as well.

Designer: Tom Fereday

Suono is a concept for a sleek, minimalist Bluetooth speaker that can also be sculptural and decorative. The shape is pretty simple as the main speaker is circular with a cast aluminum frame and an integrated mesh speaker. The renders show that it comes with a stand and a mount as well as a magnetic wireless charging hub. It is simple enough but also sleek and classy that may match your aesthetic if that’s what your space looks like.

You can choose to place it on your table with the metallic stand which matches the color and look of the speaker. You can also mount it on your wall if you want to show it off from there although I personally would be too scared that it will eventually fall off. You can also just place it on your table or shelf on its own since it’s designed to be free-standing. The magnetic charging hub can also serve as a stand in case you don’t want the speaker to be placed directly on the surface.

What’s important for me when it comes to Bluetooth speakers is the sound quality but of course since this is just a concept, we don’t have any of the technical stuff for it. But in terms of the design, the sleek and metallic look works for me and apparently for Alessi as well since it previously won the Design Awards competition in the “established designer” category.