Mazi can be your little digital diary and companion

Mazi Diary Companion Specs

Journaling is not a lost art yet, and we believe more people would want to dabble in this hobby if only they had more time. Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a diary can be time-consuming, but it offers several benefits. Journaling lets you improve your writing, self-reflect, and stay organized.

Writing in a diary also helps reduce stress because you can express your feelings and frustrations. However, writing takes time, so we only know a few people who write in their journals. If you can’t write in your notebook, you can try blogging. But if you still don’t have enough time, you can try the Mazi.

Designers: Pelin Özbalcı, Sergen Çağlayan (Nest Studio)

Mazi Diary Companion Release

Mazi is a digital journal that allows you to record what you’re doing. There is no need to write down your thoughts on a diary or a blog because you can keep one by simply “talking” to the Mazi. It comes with a compatible app that records what you say. You can easily remember your thoughts and what you’re doing with the product-app duo. The Mazi takes writing to a new level by recording your notes and “writing” them on an app. In a way, it’s like having a friend to talk to.

Mazi Diary Companion Features

Mazi Diary Companion

With the pandemic still in, people are still trying to beat loneliness. Social isolation has been a problem, and even if we’re already at the tail-in of the covid situation, people are still trying to beat their anxieties. We say you can still do everything you want to do to reduce stress as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

We suggest journaling because it allows you to express whatever is inside you. It may be good to verbalize or write down your thoughts. Don’t keep things bottled up inside because you might break down. Mazi can help you in little ways as it can help you ease distress, especially when struggling.

Mazi Diary Companion Sample

Mazi Diary Companion App

Studies have shown people who journal show reduced depression and anxiety symptoms. Mazi can be a friend to you, especially if you’re feeling lonely. No, it won’t talk back to you, but sometimes, all you need is a listening ear. This “ear” will record things you say and keep things for you.

The Mazi simply works like a small recorder—the kind that reporters use before smartphones. You press a button to record, rewind, and hear where you left off. You can also delete or highlight a part. No need to edit on the mobile app as you can edit right on the Mazi with the three touch controls.

Mazi Diary Companion Features

Mazi is a little companion about the size of a palm. It works with an app, so we’re assuming it works over Bluetooth or WiFi. It will just update the app whenever it’s paired with another device. It’s easy to use: simply press a button on the corner to turn it on or start giving commands.

Mazi can be your friend just when your loved ones are nowhere to be found because they are busy. It can keep your secrets like no friend or diary ever can. Every important moment in your life must be recorded. Even if you don’t have a phone with you, you can record things on the Mazi. There’s no forgetting what you have done or what you need to do because of Mazi.

Mazi Diary Companion Concept

Wear the Mazi around your neck with a strap. You can also clip it on a surface or on your shirt to record your thoughts hands-free. Design-wise, the Mazu is made of coral soft-touch plastic, recycled plastic, and white hard plastic. It boasts a white, simple packaging that is very minimalist. The box is secretive—just like the Mazi.

Mazi Diary Companion Journal

Mazi Diary Companion Journal Design