An armor that lets your lighter’s fire keep burning everywhere

Just like every blade needs a sheath to protect it from the elements, the PyroVault is, as its name suggests, an exoskeleton for your lighter. Designed to let you take your lighter to places you’d carry your EDC, the PyroVault allows your lighter to be weatherproof and even waterproof, making it perfect for inclement weather, or camping outdoors. An incredibly resilient polymer outer body can withstand heat, water, snow, dust, and comes with an O-Ring that seals the lighter when closed, turning it waterproof. The O-Ring seal also prevents vapor leakage, letting your lighter last longer.

Designed and manufactured in USA, the Pyrovault accepts standard Zippo-style lighter inserts including both fluid and butane torch models, turning classy lighters into rugged firestarters that can withstand any sort of conditions you may expect outdoors… and it even comes with a MOLLE/PALS compatible clip that you can use to fasten the Pyrovault to your pocket, jacket, or even backpack.

Designer: Thyrm

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