A Piggy Bank for the currency of the information age!


Taking possibly the most iconic representation of ‘storage’ and turning it into a modern-day product that acts as a storage unit of sorts, the Ciao Piggy Bank by Riccardo Cambò is a piggy bank not for money, but rather for the currency of the information age… data.

The Ciao Piggy Bank comes with a slot on the back that isn’t for banknotes and coins, but rather for SD cards. Place the card inside and the piggy bank, a wireless SSD, copies and stores all your data from the SD card without needing you to connect it to your computer, copy files, create a folder, and paste them. Just as simple as swiping a card, the Ciao backs up your SD card for you, allowing you to clear the data from it and reuse it. The pig-shaped wireless SSD lets you access your data either wirelessly, or via a rather cute, pigtail shaped USB cable that connects it to your system. With a single button interface and just a series of LED indicators that show you transfer progress, battery, and overall storage, the Ciao lets you back data up just as easily as dropping a quarter into a ceramic piggy bank. The Ciao comes in 60gb, 120gb, and even 500gb variants, and is perhaps the most beautiful representation of files and data as something of value, much like money… and it isn’t just the metaphor that’s beautiful, it’s the fact that the Ciao is an incredibly useful and functional product that lets you back data up and free SD cards for use later!

Designer: Riccardo Cambò