Levitated Mass

The Levity chaise-lounge is composed of 12mm thick birch plywood and 12mm thick birch rods that together create abstract geometries that suggest levitation of a reclined person. The slender structure looks as if it might not support the weight of an individual, but the simple construction is lightweight and surprisingly sturdy with 20 supporting legs held firmly in place.

Designer: Zsanett Benedek & Daniel Lakos


  • Kay Warner says:

    FML. Why do you spoil a very very attractive design with a complete disregard for basic mechanics?

    Ignorant designers are no good to anybody.

    just as food for thought, review Eulers work in buckling.

    I’ll assume your using the strongest soft wood (C24 – 24N/mm^2), the pillars are 1/2″ (12.5mm dia), and they look about 300mm (1′) high.

    so P(e) = Pi^2 x E x I(circle) /Le^2

    so let E(mean) (youngs modlus) C24 = 7200 N/mm2
    let Ixx = Iyy (circular) = pi x d^4/64 = 3.1415 x 6.25^4/64 = 74.9 mm^4

    you have no restraint at the bottom, and all the restraint at the top, so the effective length is going to be 2 x L = 600mm.

    therefore, the critical buckling load is going to be:

    (3.1415^2 x 7200 x 74.9) / ( 600^2) = 5322480/360000 = 14.78 N

    divide this by the gravitational constant “g” (9.81m/s^2) give us = 1.5 kg.

    so that skinny little post will START to deflect and buckle at 1.5kg. you have 20 posts. 30kg.

    you’ll also need to account for the increase in load under your ass when you sit down.

    this requires more work to get the proportions/lines/thickness right. but have a play with those numbers and look again.

  • Jacko says:

    Looks cool but it looks like it would fall over also it doesn’t look too comfortable without some cushion right? Or maybe its just me?

  • JungJun Park says:

    I want to see sitting. But this is a hard material?

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