This Fighting Robot Packs A Mean Punch!

Standing proudly at 15 inches tall and weighing in at a hefty 4.6lb, this mechanical feat of engineering is Super Anthony, and he is far more powerful than his name makes him sound! The team at Limitless IQ have been thoroughly developing this medal-winning fighting robot for the past five years, and after enduring countless fights and intense battles, he is now available to be owned by you!

Super Anthony packs a powerful punch… a 45kg servo punch to be specific! This earth-shattering, mountain-moving and immensely powerful punch is more than capable of knocking the opponent on its receiving end clean of their feet! However, Super Anthony isn’t a one-trick-pony, far from it; with a multitude of pre-set moves up his mechanical sleeve, this agile master fighter is ready to run rings around his opponent, straight out of the box!

The intuitive controls combined with the pre-set moves allow for the user to become a robot master in just a short period of time; simply connect him to a controller or the iPhone app using Bluetooth and super Anthony is all set for combat, anytime and anywhere!

Designer: Hu Che-Wei

Click here to Buy Now: $1,299.00 $1,999.00 (save $700).


Born for success. Fight for glory. Meet Super Anthony, the unbeatable fighting robot with 15 steel-geared servomotors at 45 kg force each.


Super Anthony enters the arena at 15 inches high, weighing in at 4.6 lbs. This champion robot is an agile beetleweight fighter with an earth-shattering 45 kg per servo punch force. He’s wear-resistant with steel gears and has a one-piece output shaft design for ultra-high precision.

What sets Super Anthony apart is that it is one of the very few humanoid robots that can do a side kick! Every servomotor unleashes 45 kg-cm of torque, transferring it to each part of the body.

With the help of InnoBASIC Workshop, you can easily develop your unique attacks—whether it’s a punch, forward slam, or backward flip, he’ll give a perfect finishing blow to guarantee victories!


5 Features:

– Efficient Performance: His servomotor is engineered for high voltage and low current, extending its lifespan and performance
– Ultra Wear-Resistant: His steel gears can endure high torque, further guaranteeing him a long life
– Precision Motion: His integrated output shaft boosts accuracy without needing to return to zero position
– Easy Maintenance: His modular panel and pluggable RCA connector sets make repairs simple
– Craftsmanship: His anodized aluminum body and tight-fitting parts with razor-thin gaps make him strong and durable.


Ultra-Strong 45 Kg per Servo Punch Force

Super Anthony is equipped with 15 patented steel-geared IQ4516HV servomotors, delivering a mighty 45 kg-cm torque to every part of his body that overpowers all other machines on the market. In comparison:

– The average robot toy has a servomotor adapted Arduino board with a torque of about 5 kg-cm.
– Radio-controlled cars usually have 9–25 kg-cm servomotors.
– Entertainment robots are built with servomotors of 12–18 kg-cm torque.
– Advanced robots come with 35 kg-cm servomotors.
– Super Anthony’s servomotors leave all of them in the dust.


State-of-the-Art 15-Axis Structure

Super Anthony has a customized 15-axis crafted structure that provides intuitive control for full freedom of mobility. He can fight more swiftly and accurately than other robots.


Click here to Buy Now: $1,299.00 $1,999.00 (save $700).