This textured watch-face breaks the monotony of minimalist watch design


The unusual beauty of the Carve watch by Alessio Romano comes from the way its watch face acts as a home for probably one of the most beautiful textures to ever find itself on timepieces. The hammered texture is often found on malleable metals like copper or brass, giving the otherwise plain metal surface a wonderful play of high-contrast light and shade. Romano’s Carve watch borrows that texture, introducing it to the watch-face, turning an otherwise plain and minimal watch into a textural work of art. If there were any way my finger could go through the glass on top and just simply stroke the scallops of the hammered texture, that’s realistically all I’d do throughout the day.

Romano cites Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” as a source of inspiration for the Carve’s pure, monolithic design. The texture on the face brings a dynamism to the otherwise plain surface treatment, giving you a face that alters as the light sources around you move or change. I especially love the way the date-window integrates itself into the hammered texture too!

Designer: Alessio Romano for Projects Watches

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