The Only Body-composition Analyzer to Fit in Your Palm


What is the singular, deciding indication of good health? Is it the heart-monitor that sits under your smartwatch? Is it the sleep tracker on your fitness band? Is it the weighing machine in your bathroom? Is there even one single unit of measurement for health? The answer isn’t a clear yes or no, but measuring your health does require keeping in account a lot of variables… but pretty much all of those variables can be traced back to one sort of measurement, the BCA, or the Body Composition Analysis.

Body Composition Analysis, or BCA for short, as the name suggests, measures the composition of your body, analyzing every single detail rather than just your heart-rate or your weight. Measured using Bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) machines, BCA gives you an overview on every single detail, from your overall weight, to water weight, to muscle mass, skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body type, etc., analyzing every single detail of your body before determining whether you’re ‘healthy’ or not.


BIA machines have been around since the 80s, finding their way, since then, into clinics and even gyms. By the 90s, two technological advancements helped pioneer and validate the accuracy of BIA measurements, direct measurement of body segments and multi-frequency measurement. Under normal circumstances, these two technologies were integrated into high-end machines that would cost a fortune, but given how advanced mobile chipsets have become in the past few years, smartphones are capable of harnessing the power of BIA too, to measure one’s body composition.


The RIDM is the world’s first smartphone-compatible portable BCA measuring device that’s capable of using both direct measurement and multi-frequency measurement. Smaller than an ice-hockey puck, the RIDM comes with high end sensors that can pick up on every detail of your body (and not just your heart rate) with just 7 seconds of use. Using the RIDM requires following a step-by-step process to ensure perfect accuracy. Only your fingertips make contact with the sensors, and you need to make sure no body part is in contact with another body part. It’s recommended that one should wait for a few hours after eating or exercising to get an accurate measurement of your BCA, and when doing so, no metallic objects must be present on one’s body, like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.


As your fingertips rest against RIDM’s sensors, it picks up various details about your body, analyzing it on a cellular level based on your body’s ability to resist or impede small alternating currents. Unlike devices that sit on your person all the time, like health trackers, the RIDM’s accessory nature allows you to use it only when you need. Its tiny size and 5-month battery life makes the RIDM perfect for carrying around on you, and with its hook attachment, the RIDM can hang anywhere in your house, waiting to be used next. The tiny, state-of-the-art device partners with your smartphone, breaking down all the data it gathers and presenting it to you through its intuitive, easy-to-understand UI. Riding on the current tech trend of using IoT devices and AI to enhance human fitness, the RIDM isn’t quite like the competition. The first and only portable machine to measure one’s BCA, the RIDM provides a much more accurate picture of your stats, giving you a more informed answer to the question “am I healthy?”

Designer: RIDM

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Follow RIDM’s newsletter for more information on the technology, its advantages, applications, and the RIDM’s launch date!