Change the Way You Brush Your Teeth!

Brushing our teeth is a vital yet tedious part of our day and achieving the level of cleanliness that our dentists advise isn’t an easy feat. A vast selection of toothbrushes are available, but the cleanliness of our teeth is determined by the technique and whether we are using the brush effectively or not. So, what if this margin for error could be eliminated?

That’s exactly what CHIIZ: Toothbrush 4.0 has done, as it completely changes the way that the user manages their oral hygiene! CHIIZ works its magic by being popped into the user’s mouth, the sonic technology combined with 360° coverage of each tooth thoroughly cleans the user’s teeth in just 30 seconds. Freeing up time in their busy routine, without their oral hygiene being compromised!

Every aspect of CHIIZ has been carefully considered in great detail, from the 45° angle of the brushes against the gum line, to the 2-1 toothpaste mousse, that’s not only a toothpaste to aid in the cleaning of the teeth, but also a bacteria-killing mouthwash to ensure for cool, fresh breath.

The compact size of the device lends itself to applications outside of the home, from camping and traveling to work events or in the office, the portable toothbrush will ensure that the user always has a truly fresh set of teeth!

Designer: Michael Zhang

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CHIIZ is invented to help your brush your teeth correctly. With 360º coverage of every one of your teeth, the automatic toothbrush applies sonic technology to help brush your teeth in a smart and hands-free way.

The bristles of CHIIZ are carefully crafted at 45 degree against your gum line as Bass Technique recommends. In our daily practice, it is often hard to maintain a fixed brushing angle, especially for our inner sides and molars. With CHIIZ, no matter the surface of your tooth, you will surely be brushing at the correct 45º angle.

The CHIIZ brush consists of mouthpiece and sonic motor. Situated in the middle of the brush, the sonic motor generates 25,000 strokes per minutes that goes through the conduction bars evenly to every bristle of the brush. The powerful sonic vibrations turn the toothpaste mousse on the brush into plaque-fighting bubbles that diffuse deeply into in-between teeth and gum line.

CHIIZ is designed to make your brushing experience more efficient. Do your various morning routines while simultaneously brushing your teeth.


CHIIZ uses waterproof and anti-bacteria material, making it very easy to maintain. Every time after use, just rinse it under running water to have it clean.


Toothpaste + mouthwash 2-in-1 mousse.

CHIIZ’s toothpaste comes in liquid form in a 50ml bottle. Its 2-in-1 liquid toothpaste mousse can be used not only as toothpaste to give your teeth the perfect clean but also as a mouthwash to provide a cool and refreshing breath. The alcohol-free mousse contains mint extracts creating a gentle and cool sensation inside your mouth as well as helping to tame bad breath by killing bacteria that causes halitosis.


CHIIZ is designed as a pocket-sized brush and comes with a travel case, allowing for it to be easily carried anywhere. You can be traveling, camping, in the office or even in a situation with limited mobility.

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