Turning any room into a dark-room


The art of film developing is lost on the current generation, thanks to the widespread presence of the digital format, but even for people who love analog, developing film can be quite a laborious process because it requires a wide variety of specialist equipment, the skill to work with said equipment, and absolute darkness.

While for the longest time, photography aficionados may have had an entire room dedicated to the craft of developing film, Thomas Müller’s Kanton DX35 compresses everything into a tiny desktop kit, eliminating one’s need to spend money on expensive apparatuses and chemicals, or even the need for darkness. Kanton DX35 is its own miniature dark room, and it comes with all the chemicals needed, and a simple step-by-step guide that mentors you through the process. The reel first goes into the container on the right, where it gets unwound and re-wound around a special spool. The screen on the bottom left lets you select the type of film you want developed and then tells you what chemicals to pour and displays a timer, allowing you to completely master the process. The DX35 even heats the chemicals to their precise temperatures, so you don’t need to do anything. When you complete a step, you pour the chemicals back into their bottles, eliminating chemical waste, while learning the golden art of analog film development without breaking the bank on various chemicals and equiment, or scourging the countryside to find someone who will develop film for you.

Designer: Thomas Müller