The Elegant Simplicity Of Growing Plants

Like many, I tend to bury my green-thumb aspirations because I don’t have the time or the expertise to manage houseplants. I was looking for tools that could help people like me grow more than just those good-luck bamboo plants when I found the OPUS GARTEN. Michael Good, the man behind the successful Kickstarter BIGrootcup Campaign is out with this new line of indoor gardening products that promise to make indoor gardening fun and easy. Let’s look at in-depth.

Designer: Micheal Good of good3studio [ Buy it Here ]

I agree with Good that indoor gardening should be a fun process and if we add a dash of aesthetic creation, then I guess we have a winner! With the OPUS GARTEN launch line, Good has brought forth three products; all of which are included in the IndoorGardenKit: The OPUS GARTEN WallPlanter, PottingTray and Handworktoy.


The WallPlanter is as easy to hang as a picture. It’s held in place with the help of a marine grade cord and die-cast aluminum hardware, which makes for a very clean installation.

  • Plants are potted in an insert that has weeping holes in the bottom, that can help to drain soil, or wick up moisture.
  • The outer housing is completely water proof, WallPlanter won’t drip, sweat or mold.


To keep the entire setup clean, the Potting Tray comes into action. It protects tables and counters when taking on indoor gardening projects.

  • A lip surrounds the durable flexible tray to capture spills.
  • Easy to clean in a sink and it’s dishwasher safe.


A set of handtools that are inspired by Japanese classics with size and material suitable for indoor use. Included in the the kit are:

  • A versatile hori-hori whichi is a big help with repotting plants, breaking up soil and planting cuttings.
  • Tweezer helps to grab rotten or prickly material; think french manicure!.
  • Soil scoop is the right size to reach into a bag of potting soil and very comfortable to hold. A flattened opening edge prevents the scoop from rolling.

OPUS GARTEN IndoorGardenKit by good3studio is a novel indoor gardening set. It’s the kind I’d use for its simplicity and aesthetic approach. The line is easy on the eye and functional. Get your kit here today.