A case for the true iPhone fan!

The pinnacle of technology wrapped in the aesthetic of the groundbreaking product that kickstarted this journey, the Spigen Classic One case for the iPhone X is a true walk down memory lane. Designed to look and feel exactly like the iPhone 2G that Steve Jobs launched in 2007, the case for the iPhone X is a nostalgic revisit that will take you down memory lane.

With its signature dual-colored finish and curved body, you’d get the best of both worlds… a high-end smartphone wrapped in a beautifully ergonomic body that was designed to fit well into hands. The curved body isn’t just palm-pleasure, but also protects the phone from accidental drops, thanks to its PolyCarbonate and TPU construction; besides Spigen’s cases go through rigorous drop-tests.

The case is arguably the perfect combination of the best of both worlds, giving you a taste of the future and the past, simultaneously. Oh, and it’s wireless-charging compatible too!

Designer: Spigen

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