The Coolest Fan Yet?


During the warmer seasons, a desk fan can become a permanent feature in the workspace, but they often carry an unwelcomed, poorly considered design, and this may disrupt the aesthetic of the desk environment! Its only right for the design of the fan to be as carefully considered as everything that surrounds it, so we introduce to you, ‘A Fan’.

A Fan’s unique form not only allows for high levels of adjustment that enables the direction of the air to be altered to suit the individual, but also creates an attention-stealing product that becomes a welcomed feature on the desk!

The brutalist concrete base plants the fan on the table-top, as well as adding a utilitarian aspect to the design that highly contrasts the clean, perfect finish of the main body. Every single aspect of the fan has been considered, from the exposed screws that confidently standout, to the vibrantly-colored on/off switch that holds down the rope power cable!

Designer: Tim Zarki