Strap it, then magnetically snap it.

The Lochett is one of those products that humans clearly need, but never thought about until now. Comprising one strap and two incredibly powerful magnets, the Lochett straps to your belongings and lets you magnetically snap them onto any surface either temporarily, so that you have your hands free for a bit, or permanently, so that you don’t need to look for dedicated storage space for the item in question.

Perfect for any item you may need to store/secure, the Lochett is just super convenient. It lets you use vertical space to store items, allowing you to snap power tools to a metal wall/partition in your work shed, or your bottle to your bike while you ride to work, or your Starbucks cup to your car as you tie your shoelaces.

Embedded within a rubber housing, the Lochett’s magnets are slightly recessed within, so your magnets don’t scratch the surface they’re placed on, and the rubber gives you an added cushioning+friction, preventing items from slipping off. The magnets are incredibly powerful, with the capability of holding items as heavy as 4kgs against surfaces that are even wet. Weatherproof and long-lasting, the Lochett can be used with everything from keys to power tools to even gym weights, holding things in place without occupying space on the floor, for as little as 5 seconds, while you straighten your tie or check your phone, or for hours or even days at an end!

Designer: XDraggon PTY LTD.