A Pen/Multitool Hybrid That Captures Ideas and Solves Problems!


Problem-solvers like us designers and tinkerers have quite a few tools of trade. We sketch, we ideate, we pull apart, we put together, and we solve problems, either by putting down ideas on paper, or by getting our hands dirty, actually engaging with the problem.

Made for designers, engineers, technicians, and the MacGyver in all of us, the Alt Pen is half pen, half multitool. Available in a wonderfully streamlined design, machined out of Aluminum and Stainless Steel, the Alt Pen works wonderfully as three things. A writing tool, a screwdriver, and a premium-looking item of absolute desire.

The Alt Pen’s svelte, slick design not only holds a premium ballpoint refill, it comes with storage and docking space for snap-on magnetic screwdriver bits, turning sketching tool into an actual tool. The refill snaps magnetically into a hexagonal housing, and can be removed to make space for a screwdriver bit, allowing you to go from drawing and writing things, to fixing things in a split second.

The pen comes in two variants, with multiple color options. An aluminum variant explores colors like slate and light gold, while a stainless steel option is heavier, sturdier, and comes in a self-colored chrome, and a rose gold variant. The pen is sleek, straight-forward, and comes with a magnetically attachable head which holds the refill or the screwdriver bits in place. The back of the pen comprises a hollow area into which you can store up to 4 screwdriver bits to be used in the future. Made for writing, freehand sketching, as well as force-rotating, the Alt Pen comes with a mono-knurled gripping area that feels great to hold lightly for drawing, as well as provides a good grip for tightening or loosening screws and bolts.

The Alt Pen may cater to one’s technical side, but it looks far from a technical tool, but rather follows the design lines of a high-end writing instrument. With a full metal body, the Alt Pen makes quite a style statement. Coming in a box, with two extra refills and 8 bits to use along with the Alt Pen, this writing/fixing instrument seems to be the perfect choice for your to-work or business-class EDC. From writing down ideas and signing checks, to fixing your spectacles, or even tinkering with your phone, the Alt Pen takes care of all your needs, while looking exceptionally dapper!

Designer: Rotimi Solola

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Introducing Alt pen: a premium ballpoint pen that doubles as a precision screwdriver set. Alt pen is designed to be a tool you can carry and use everywhere you go. The goal of this project is to equip you for whatever situation you might find yourself in.


With minimalist design, precision details, and exceptional craftsmanship, Alt pen is designed to have a beautiful aesthetic and provide an incredible user experience.


One of the most essential pieces of the pen’s design is its multi-functionality. It is equally important that Alt pen delivers a remarkable writing experience and double as an excellent precision tool.


Alt pen could help fix your iPhone, glasses and even your favorite gadgets.




– Quick and easy ink replacement
– Compatible with standard D1 ink refills
– Compatible with standard precision tool bits
– Mono-knurl gives a tactile grip
– Storage for up to 4 tool bits
– Premium case

Alt pen features a front loaded D1 ink refill, which is held in place by a proprietary magnetic ink retention system made possible by the “pen bit.”


Ink Compatibility: You can find compatible ink refills on Amazon in a variety of line weights and colors. Below are a few of my favorite brands.

The pen bit and ink refill can be easily swapped for multiple standard precision tool bits. Employing standard precision tool bits allows you to make use of bits you may already have on hand.

The Mono-knurl provides a tactile grip that is both ideal for writing and fastening screws.

The rear storage holds up to 4 precision tool bits each secured by a magnetic compression cap. The magnetic cap allows the tool bits to be easily removed and also suppresses the tool bits to eliminate rattling noises; this gives you a premium user experience that most similar tools cannot provide.


The Alt pen is the perfect item to add to your everyday carry. It is an unobtrusive tool that provides immense value to the user.


The packaging that Alt pen will ship in also doubles as a premium case for the pen and all its tools. This box is designed to be both durable for shipping and for use as a case to keep all of your tools secured with Alt pen.

What’s in the box:

– One Alt Pen
– Two D1 ink refills
– Eight precision tool bits


Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $55.00 (11% off) Hurry, ONLY 15 left!!

The Designer


Rotimi Solola is an award winning Chicago-based industrial design consultant. With experience in both consulting and corporate environments, Rotimi has contributed to the successful launch of multiple products. Solola founded SO design in 2017 and teaches adjunct at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before becoming an independent designer, Solola was on the Motorola Mobility cell phone design team, where he acquired much of his knowledge on bringing products to market. Outside of designing and lecturing, Solola stays involved with the design community by speaking at conferences and judging design competitions.


Work developed for Motorola and STRYD, along with personal sketches created with Alt pen.