For Efficient Straining

I fancy this particularly thoughtful strainer that attaches to any pan or dish at its rim and drains off the liquid without letting any solids slip away. Crafted from silica gel, the Food Filter comes in different sizes and drains, fitting almost any size pans and for multiple purposes.

Designers: Yu Zhigang, Chen Chao, Lv Changfu, Yuan Chenxin & Wu Jia


  • Алексей says:

    great idea

  • hyeyoonbae says:

    i want to get it.

  • Great idea. very simple and lightweight, easy to use/ reuse when cooking multiple meals. I like the size of the product as well as other strainers tend to be big and bulky and take up alot of space in the dishwasher

    a1 product

  • Jimmy C says:

    Wow. It’s brilliant!

  • Ed says:


  • morbidly obtuse says:

    I really hope it’s made from silicone, not silica gel. The latter is toxic.

  • Todd Bigelow says:

    The clip part would have to be redesigned to put other pot/pan/bowl/plate edges into consideration due to various shapes, thicknesses and angles.

  • sudhanwa says:


  • Maryline says:

    I want it! I love functional product that actually solve a problem.

  • VERY CLEVER!! I hate using a huge strainer – so often skip this step and try to strain liquids holding the lid back from the lip…. this comes with the risk of burning your hands with the steam – and soaking the oven mitts with the hot liquid. I hope that it stays on and doesn’t pop off in the sink..which would be most disappointing. Assuming this is not the case – looks like one of the most interesting new design ideas I’ve seen in awhile!

  • I love when designers simply our lives and make things like straining so much easier. Sometimes design doesn’t have to be clever but simply and problem solving.

  • Grey says:

    Agree, but over all i think its a great idea. Seems like it can be pretty universal, which is awesome.

  • Giri Uppin says:

    Cool !!!!

  • The simplicity is astounding. The brilliance makes me think ” why didn’t I think of that”.

  • The simplicity is astounding. The brilliance makes me think ” why didn’t I think of that”.

  • simple and helpful!

  • product tank says:

    Everyone, get a piece of paper, fold it in half to make an ‘L’ shape, then try and bend it into a curve to simulate what you are seeing in the illustrations. The filter cannot stay flat as illustrated, the smaller the radius of the pan, the more distorted the filter becomes. It took five people to come up with this and I don’t think one of them made a model to see if it worked before jumping into making pretty renderings.

  • Yu Zhigang says:

    Actually we made a model and it worked.
    And do not use paper, our product is made of silica gel.
    Of course, we can produce different specifications of filters to further meet the requirements you mentioned.

  • Hunter says:

    product tank’s concern is valid. You cannot fold such a material (whether plastic, rubber, paper, silicone, etc.) in this way and have the horizontal section remain flat. You will need to make a different product for each variety of pot size, each one contoured to its curvature.

    Also: as morbidly obtuse has pointed out, silica gel is toxic. This is what make up the freshener beads one would place in perishable products; the containers read “DO NOT EAT”. You will need to reconsider your material composition to be approved by the FDA.

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