An imaginative, inspirational, illuminating shelf design!

‘Click’ is the result of the action of magnetically joining the nylon ropes to the Click shelf, but it’s not the sound that is the dominant feature of the product… its the result of this sound.

Quite unlike any cabinet/light you’ll ever see in your life, the Click Light by Studio Knob comes with a flat metallic plate that acts as a shelf. Along with the shelf come LED embedded Nylon woven ropes, with magnetic ends that conveniently snap to the metallic shelf. When they do, they light up with a beauty that’s pure and inspired, turning a flat, unassuming storage area into something much more. The nylon ropes can be arranged in any way, and even across different shelves, and they light up beautifully, creating a decor piece that’s difficult to describe without using the word ‘unique’.

The secret to the magical, wireless lighting is the fact that the metallic shelves actually have low-voltage running through them. Right down the middle of the shelf is a partition, that separates the live half from the neutral half of the shelf. The woven LED ropes themselves come with magnetic ends that have positive and negative signs on them, and these ends literally need to be snapped on opposing halves of the shelf to complete a circuit, and they light up beautifully, without wires or switches, leaving one with a sense of awe and amazement. “When designing light fixtures, one of our favorite challenges is redefining the light switch so that it becomes a part of the phase that the fixture suggests”, say Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni, the designers at Studio Knob. The result is a product that’s equal parts a shelf, a lighting solution, and a feat of magic that will entertain the people interacting with it, liven up the space it’s in, and hopefully inspire us designers to think outside the box more!

Designer: Studio Knob