Backup Power Portable

I consider apps as a necessary evil, I need them to be productive and at the same time they drain my iPhone at the most unexpected times. A power backup or portable recharger has become a compulsion for people like me. However design sensibilities often keep me away from dodgy chargers that juice up the iPhone and iPod but at the cost of ugly looks. When I spied the clever Plug Battery Charger, I was totally tickled by its take on the plug! Sweet!

Designer: Logo’s [ Available @ YD Store for $26 ]

Plug Battery Charger by Logo’s is available at the YD Store for $26.


  • Ray says:

    To be honest I’m kind of disappointed. I was hoping that it would actually plug in to the wall to charge an internal battery (ie. something that could act as a charger and a spare battery)

  • In the top ten of my favourite content pieces, thankyou!

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