One Grill to Rule Them All

You don’t often here the words “operating system” in tandem with talking about a barbecue grill… but then again, the Primero isn’t your average grill! Paired with your smartphone, it gives your grill skills a power punch of tech. Additionally, this Argentinian-style barbecue makes the more tedious tasks, such as heating the coals, getting the temperature right, or that inevitable liquid drip, a thing of the past.

For starters, the Primero features an integrated charcoal starter, making it incredibly easy to generate enough flame to get embers glowing while also reducing peak heating time. It also offers a constant and even distribution of heat for cooking consistency. Repositionable settings like a V-profile grate can help adjust the heights of various grilling surfaces to make adjustments for different food types. This unique shape also allows liquids released from food to drain away from the coals where it can be collected and disposed of later. Thanks to its multi-temperature zones (up to 7 to be exact) and ability to perfectly grill everything from steaks to asparagus, it’s the last grill you’ll ever need!

Designer: Christoph Hermann of Vaustil Grills