A Supersuit for Your Phone Camera


The phone camera isn’t going anywhere. We’ve slowly done away with almost every other element barring the camera and the screen. First the external antenna, then the tactile keyboard, the MicroSD card slot, the headphone jack, the home button, and with wireless charging being adopted everywhere, the charging port may just make its exit too… but the camera and the display aren’t going anywhere. From a recreational photography tool to now a depth-sensing/object-sensing device to even turning into a facial-recognition-security tool, the camera is too valuable to be expendable. But speaking strictly in camera terms… it still isn’t powerful enough.

Because the phone needs to be much more than a camera, there are massive constraints on what you can push for. With a dizzying number of components, a battery that fights for space, and a need to be sleek, phone cameras have major lens and sensor constraints. There are two solutions to this problem, aside from waiting for tech innovation to do its thing. A. Carry a phone camera for recreation and a professional camera for heavy lifting… or B. Upgrade your phone’s camera system with external lenses to help the camera see further, wider, or closer.

Lemuro’s founder Eric Bohring, clearly tired of carrying his phone along with his DSLR and GoPro, set out to create a series of external lenses that sat above the phone’s camera, giving it the ability to capture images that rival those of his professional shooter and action camera. Lemuro’s set of four lenses allow you to see wide, see far, observe up close, and view the world in quirky fisheye. The lenses screw into Lemuro’s phone case, that not only holds the lenses precisely above the camera, but also protects the phone from accidental slips and drops. Designed with German precision optics and timeless Italian aesthetic sensibilities, the Lemuro is a classy alternative to universal store-bought external lenses, while also making sure you get crisp, clear photos and videos without shelling extra bucks for a professional camera and having to lug it around wherever you go. The Lemuro comes as a set of one 18mm/110° FOV Wide Angle lens, one 25mm 10X Macro lens, one 60mm 2X Telephoto Portrait lens, one 8mm 238° Fisheye Lens, and the protective case made of genuine leather on the outside, soft protective suede on the inside, an robust polycarbonate midsection, and a soft, impact-absorbing TPE bumper. With a secure, lens-locking system, precise German optics, the ability to quickly switch lenses, and a design that fits into your pocket, the Lemuro wants the camera you have on your person to be the only camera you ever need to carry.

Designer: Hamid Bekradi of HBD Studios

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Whether you are a Creative Professional, Photographer or Videographer or Social Media Enthusiast. LEMURO enables you to capture professional images using only your smartphone.


They offer a set of 4 detachable lenses and a protective phone case, available for iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7plus/8plus.


Mount their lenses fast and securely onto your phone, thanks to a durable aluminum interface.


Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)





Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)




Genuine Leather

All of the leather used in their products is organically sourced and naturally dyed. Our supplier is a leading European leather company that is based in Southern Germany.


Case Construction

Their Photo Cases are constructed from 6 different elements that are all optimized for maximum performance.

Dual Lens Compatibility

Their lens interface is designed to accommodate our lenses on both cameras of the dual camera system on iPhones X/7plus/8plus.


High Impact Rib System

Their high impact rib system will reduce the impact surface should an accidental fall occur on your photo adventures.

Lanyard Hook

Our lanyard hook will allow you to attach a strap to your phone case to wear it on your wrist or neck.

Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)