An Elegant Charging Solution


Wireless headphones are readily available now, but, like with the vast majority of wireless electronic products, they need to be regularly charged… what an inconvenience! Hang-on, designed by Hojun Lee, is a sleek wireless charging solution that would be a welcomed accessory!

As the name suggests, the headphones gently hang on to the stand adding an element of suspense to the design. The simplicity of the stand harmonizes beautifully with the minimalistic aesthetic that the headphones carry, enchaining their design! This allows the pairing to sit elegantly within the user’s home.

The user can express their individuality through the customizable elements featured on the headphones; a selection of fabric options and color variants are available for the user to carefully configure.

Every aspect of the design has been meticulously considered, from the charging indicators that are integrated into the stand, to the intricate joint on the headphones.

Designer: Hojun Lee