The Cosmos lamp is inspired by the absolute beauty of the Milky Way galaxy!

Inspired by the shape of our galactic home, the Milky Way, the Cosmos lamp uses an eye-catching concentric design that captures the hypnotic beauty of watching linear clusters of stars and planets that dot our universe.

The lamp’s gyroscopic design comes with four separate axes of rotation that take it from being a flat, two-dimensional lamp to a complex 3D piece of lighting that shines its halo in all directions. Arrange the lamp’s different ‘arms’ in chaotic patterns and it captures the chaotic forces of gravity that form beautiful yet unplanned patterns of starts and satellites across the sky. At any given point in time, the Cosmos lamp always remains concentric, just like a galaxy’s own bright center! The Cosmos can be used as a hanging pendant lamp, or a standing lamp… although the former seems more apt, given that it allows the cluster of LEDs to float in space like a real galaxy, and compels you to look upwards to admire it – like you would the stars in the night sky!

Designer: Nathaniel Ng