Cut Your Dish Use in Half!


After you’ve spent all that time cooking over a hot stove, why should you have to transfer everything from the pot to a better-looking vessel just for the presentation? Why shouldn’t the cooking container be attractive enough to serve from? That’s the question Parisa Katouzian asked when designing the Pot Hob.

The set includes a skillet, kettle, stockpot and saucepan that doubles as elegant serving dishes. While they’re made from a handsome combination of copper and steel that will liven up your kitchen or tabletop, it’s each unit’s legs that set them apart as unique. The rounded legs keep them elevated just enough to make contact with the flame of the stovetop while also keeping that hot surface safely away from your delicate tabletop so as not to burn it. Better yet, because you’ll be using less water to wash, they’re also an eco-friendly alternative!

Designer: Parisa Katouzian