These All-Day Shoes Are Designed To Be The ‘World’s Most Comfortable Eco-Friendly Footwear’

Clogs get a bad rap because ‘a certain brand’ tarnished their reputation with excessive marketing and overstyling. The truth is, these are some of the most comfortable shoes ever made, and ACTMOS is helping solidify that reputation even more. The average daily-wage worker spends more than half of their day standing. In the US alone, the food service industry sees workers spending more than 90% of their time on their feet, while the healthcare industry has people standing for 70% of their entire job. Needless to say, bad shoes lead to bad posture, which leads to fatigue, sore feet, flat arches, and even injury. Designed keeping ergonomics and on-the-go lifestyles in mind, the ACTMOS comes with a form that gets its seal of approval from doctors, nurses, and service workers, who spend more than half their day on their feet. Styled like the ubiquitous clog but with a more comfort-forward design, the ACTMOS shoes are soft, flexible, non-slip, and well-ventilated. It also helps that they’re designed with eco-friendly materials, ditching the pure EVA foam for 34% biopolymers and 5% biomass.

Designers: Sul A Han, Da Heen Jung & Hyun Ju Lee

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While the ACTMOS by VLOMFY gets its approval from the healthcare workforce, the fact that it’s designed for the 95th percentile makes it the perfect footwear for practically anything. Whether you’re doing a quick grocery run or trekking in the outdoors, the comfort and grip the ACTMOS provides lends itself to easier navigation and longer standing without the associated fatigue. It’s perfect for gardening with, has an entirely waterproof design making it ideal for the beach or even the poolside, and gets you through all phases of life whether it’s pregnancy, old age, or even physical recovery.

Non-slip Outer Sole – Prevents slips and stumbles when worn in potentially slippery environments.

Flexible Ridges – Designed with varying thicknesses to allow flexible movement in coordination with your toes and foot bones, this ergonomic design feature means that ACTMOS will not become damaged or wear down more quickly.

No-leak Vents – The triangular vent holes for ACTMOS specifically to prevent liquids from spilling onto the shoe and making you feel uncomfortable.

Ultra-wide Fit – ACTMOS’s wide base allows your foot to sit comfortably within the shoe. It does not scrunch up your toes or add unnecessary pressure to your foot.

Heel Strap – The placement and angle of the heel strap have been specifically chosen to reduce the likelihood of blisters, friction, and discomfort on the heel bone.

The ubiquitous shape of the ACTMOS shoe features a slip-on design that’s quick to wear, with a heel strap that ensures your shoe stays on even as you run from one place to another. The ultra-wide fit houses your foot perfectly, ensuring it doesn’t squeeze your feet from the sides like most traditional shoes, and the soft elastomeric design and ridged top allows it to flex naturally with your feet as you move around. A grippy outsole keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground whether it’s smooth marbled flooring, cobbled pathways, or even the rough terrain of a hillside… and vented sides keep the air-flow going so your feet can breathe naturally, preventing them from becoming sweaty with long work-hours or wear-times.

All Day Long – Designed to provide the most comfortable fit for nurses, doctors, and surgeons who stand on their feet for long periods of time, typically over 12-hour shifts.

The Actmos Polymer – Contains 34% bioplastic sourced from corn and potatoes, and 5% biomass sourced from clam powder.

Sustainability also plays a pivotal role in the ACTMOS’ design. Made to be worn for hours at end, the shoe is built keeping durability in mind. Its unibody design doesn’t come apart or tear at the seams like most regular footwear does, giving you a shoe that lasts dramatically longer than others. At the same time, while most unibody shoes come made entirely from synthetic EVA foam, the ACTMOS Eco-polymer contains up to 39% natural materials, reducing the amount of synthetic plastic used. Roughly 34% of the ACTMOS’ material comprises bioplastic sourced from corn and potatoes, and 5% of the material is biomass sourced from clam powder. This use of sustainable natural materials lowers each shoe’s overall negative impact on the environment by nearly 40%.

Currently, each ACTMOS comes in 3 colors – black, navy blue, and deep khaki, with more colors to be released in the near future. The lack of vibrant colors and flashy designs is a stark contrast from the other unibody clogs you’d see from bigger brands, but after all, the ACTMOS was designed keeping in mind daily-wage workers who spend their entire day standing. It still has a universal appeal, with just how comfortable it is, as well as how versatile it is. The shoes start at $75 a pair, and come in 8 unisex sizes that you can choose from.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75 $105 (25% off). Hurry, only 70/100 left!